ROXO is a free template for LIVID INSTRUMENTS BASE.
I created this template voor BASE V1 - So I'm not sure if everything will work for BASE II. 

I made this file with live performance in mind.
User 1 and 2 contain the two 32 step sequencers and user 3 is all about enhancing the performance: add some drop hits, tweak the master FX and be creative with the white noise section. User 4 is empty for your own mappings.

I made some ready-to-go preset clip sequences for the FX and NOISE sections, but if you know Ableton well enough it's worth to dig in and make your own!

Oh yeah, don't forget to check out the included .jpg files to see what's what ;)



Watch the demo video:


Download here: aurex ROXO


As with all the other aurex sequencers, you can download them completely for free.
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