This small problem solving tutorial is only needed when the mappings don't work, ideally you should be able to open the .als file and start playing right away. You can mail me if you can't solve your problems but please understand that it could take a few days for me to respond as I'm only doing this in my free time. I'll try to help you as much as I can.

- Start up your computer
- Open the Livid Editor
- Load the "aurex Jigsaw/C16 preset"

- Check the midi mappings (sometimes the editor doesn't load presets correctly)
    See pictures below
    Correct the midi mappings in the editor if needed
    Press "more" and set your global midi channel on Midi Channel 2
    STORE your edits and press SEND

- Open the aurex ".als" Ableton Live Set.
- Open the preferences and select your controller in the MIDI -tab.
- Make sure REMOTE is on for both input and output
- Track button can be off (I advice this for C16 - not so much needed for Jigsaw)

- Check the grouped track: Midi Out for the Lights-tracks (in dark grey) should send to your controller on midi channel 2
- Press the first scene play button.



I noticed saving and loading presets in the editor sometimes doesn't work as it should.

Livid Instruments are fixing this as we speak, but in the meantime you can do this:

If you can't load the aurex presets into the editor, no need to worry. You can still use my mappings by adjusting the midi controls in the editor manually. This is quite easy and you can do this fast if you use "Quick Assign".


Here are the Midi Mappings for the Ohm64  Jigsaw preset: